The ICCS’s long term strategy is to implement a variety of educational and cultural projects in order to increase youth civic participation. We view the creative industries as an instrument vital to the realization of civil strategies in the spectrum of cultural entrepreneurship,  ecology,  social equality and cultural diversity, human rights, education and participation in the cultural life of the community. We believe the successful young entrepreneurship should be built on two major pillars – creativity and sustainability – so we adamantly search for networks and partnerships with those who share our beliefs.

Our work is focused on educational and research projects related to visual and media literacy because we consider the visual media literacy mandatory to active citizenship in today’s society. That’s why we encourage the creation of visual communications in a variety of social and cultural contexts as well as youth ability to access, understand and critically evaluate the different aspects of messages within visual media.

Our host EVS  project – ‘Art Reporters without Borders’ –  stimulates the creativity, employability and entrepreneurial spirit of young people identifying conditions for successful & sustainable  youth  participation and access to culture within the EVS project management. It’s objectivity is to increase the national & international visibility of young generation Bulgarian visual artist (they often remain outside the focus of the Bulgarian cultural institutions as well as of the mainstream media).

YOUNG SUSTAINOPRENEURS: Active Citizenship through Wind and Sunshine: was a short-term EVS project designed for two months and  implemented in the rural context of Natural Park Rusenski lom. The project based on learning by doing approach hosted 13 volunteers from  Belgium, Croatia and Spain. It’s aim was to to raise awareness on sustainable living and general environmental subject involving young volunteers in the eco-building activities of the building of small center for non formal educational projects in the village of Ostritsa (North Eastern Bulgaria).


In 2013-2014 ICCS  also  developed  a long-term Youth  in Action project (under Sub-Action 1.2.) about career development of  university students (undergraduate and postgraduate) in courses such as: Cultural  & Media Studies, Cultural  Management & Tourism, Management of Cultural Heritage, Creative industries & Social media. The aim of the project „Count me in! Culture Creative Industries and New Media“ is to motivate and encourage all youth, university students, young professionals, unemployed youth, etc. to get involved in educational and practical activities and bring awareness to the creative labor market.