Call for CULTURAL HERITAGE REPORTERSEuropean Solidarity Corps short-term Volunteering project in Ruse, Bulgaria: The project will involve the ESC participants from Italy and Bulgaria in activities dedicated to the digital valorization of the cultural heritage in the region giving to participants an opportunity to take an active part in increasing the popularity of the heritage of North East Bulgaria that often remains outside the focus of the mainstream destinations of the Bulgarian tourism industry. The activities will be implemented on 2 flows for 60 days (including the travel days) in the following dates:    19.08.2019-17.10.2019        and         25.10.2019-23.12.2019


The project activities are build up on the idea for participatory heritage and considers cultural heritage as a tool for social inclusion of youth. Thus, we will develop the idea for participatory cultural heritage, based on the use of social media to create a culture of youth participation.

We are motivated to build a creative ambient where together with the volunteers to discover the cultural diversity and cultural heritage richness in Europe and to start on that basen an inter-cultural conversation about what we have in common and its social value.

Candidates can APPLY, following the offical Call for participants, pubblished in the web platform of ESC in European Youth Portal

Institute  for Creative Civil Strategies works also as  European Solidarity Corps SENDING ORGANISATION sending abroad for Bulgarian candidate volunteers.

If  you are interested in enlarging your ESC partnership  network  ICCS’s  team would be glad to discuss  any possible  partnership proposal. We would be happy to extend our partnership in the field of arts, culture, cultural & environmental heritage protection, youth information & new media, youth entrepreneurship, Human rights and civic education.

For  European Solidarity Corps   SENDING   PARTNERSHIP   PROPOSALS,   please  contact     E-mail: 

Since 2019 the organisation holds Quality Lable for European Solidarity Corps Volunteering Projects. The European Solidarity Corps builds on the achievements of more than 25 years of European programmes in the fields of volunteering and youth, especially on the experience of the European Voluntary Service.european_solidarity_corps_logo


European Solidarity Corps is an youth mobility opportunity supported that allows  young  people aged  17-30 The programme aims to foster solidarity in the European society, engaging young people and organisations in accessible and high-quality solidarity activities. It offers young people opportunities to show solidarity, express their commitment to the benefit of communities and help resolve challenging situations across Europe. At the same time, these young people have the opportunity to develop their skills and get some invaluable human experience in the process.

The participation in an ESC project must be free of charge for volunteers.

In the period 2013-2017 ICCS received accreditation for European Voluntary Service  /Accr.No 2013-BG-35 — host, sending & coordinating/ organization. The  strategic  host  EVS  project  was related to  youth  access  to  culture  – youth  media literacy, citizen journalism & visual culture topics. The ICCS’s host  EVS project  „Art Reporters Without Borders“  seeks to enhance the   creativity of young people in Arts, New media & communication. It promotes a concept for ‘youth access to culture’  that  goes  beyond  accessing  cultural products,  attending  spaces and  receiving  information, but  about a  first  hand experience  empowering  the  EVS volunteers personal development & employment. The project’s objectivity is to stimulate the entrepreneurship’s spirit, creativity and employability of EVS  involved youngsters identifying conditions for sustainable youth access to  culture within the  EVS  project management.

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