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Welcome to Institute  for  Creative  Civil  Strategies  /ICCS/  !

Institute for Creative Civil Strategies /ICCS/ is Bulgarian NGO that supports personal and professional development of university students and youth interested in the aspects of contemporary visual culture (media and film studies, visual arts, journalism, social advertising etc.) as well as in recent visual methods and practices in the field of Humanities. The organization’s long term strategy is to mix the boundaries between creative industries and civic participation, implementing on this base different educational and cultural projects.

The organization was founded in 2010 with the aim to assist the successful personal development, professional realization and social integration of young people who work with, developing their creativity as a model for active participation in the civil, social and cultural dimensions of society and promoting the European youth and lifelong learning policies. Our work is focused on youth visual literacy, defined as the ability to access so-called visual media, to understand and to critically evaluate different aspects of visual media and visual messages, and to create visual communications in a variety of contexts.



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