19ask - CopyInstitute   for  Creative  Civil  Strategies ICCS is a non-profit organization founded and based in Bulgaria, that supports the personal and professional development of university students and youth interested in contemporary visual culture (Media & Film studies, Visual arts, Journalism, Social advertising, etc.) We also include visual methods and practices in the field of humanities and social sciences under the visual culture spectrum. The long term strategy of ICCS  is to merge the boundaries between creative industries and civic participation by implementing educational and cultural projects focused on youth visual culture and literacy.

NoMuseumThe intention of these projects is to:

– Give youth access to visual culture and visual media.

– Develop communication and production skills for visual media creativity.

– Raise critical awareness about visual communication messages and how it works.


ICCS  provides the student communities with informational support and assists with development opportunities such as: national and international academic and non-academic scholarships, internship programs, non-formal education projects, and volunteering opportunities.
 works to involve university students and youth in international trainings, youth initiatives and intercultural exchanges which serve to extend their understanding of European Citizenship and to critically develop their sense of European identity.

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